Fight The Good Fight Teaser – Behind The Scenes

How do we successfully fight the fight of faith? That’s a question that’s been present on my mind for a long time, especially this past year. So when Ascend Camp contacted me to help them out, not only was I excited, but intrigued and challenged by this year’s theme “Fight The Good Fight.”

When we hear the phrase “Fight The Good Fight.” it’s easy to think of images of actual fighting; boxing, martial arts, gladiators, but I wanted to portray something else since most, if not all, of the “fights” we face in our lives are internal. That was the thought process behind this little teaser, we all wake up and have to face the challenges of the day. Many times we don’t really have all the answers, only questions, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a part of this “fight.”



I’m looking forward to Ascend Camp this summer, not only because I’ll get to capture some of the great games and activities Ascend has planned for everyone this summer, but also because I get the opportunity to learn and share about some of the many stories and lessons about Fighting The Good Fight.